Practices, Policies, and Particulars

Practices, Policies and Particulars

** Updated:  August 01, 2023


We are proud to share that Treehouse Vacation Rentals partners with “Perfect Clean, Inc” (PCI) for our Cleaning & Maintenance needs.  PCI has instituted an extensive regiment of strict sanitation routines using the latest recommended and approved disinfectant products and practices.  We are making every effort to assure your safety and comfort.


We have a strict no exceptions policy regarding pets and smoking.  Thank you kindly for your understanding.  No pets are allowed, and no smoking in or around the property.  Our goal is to maintain an environment that is free of possible allergens, safe and enjoyable for all.


Treehouse adheres to Hotel Style service with Triple Sheeting (as shown in our latest 3D Tour – Treehouse photos).  Triple sheeting insures that there are fresh sheets provided before your arrival, including a bottom sheet and 2 top sheets that fully surround over and under your bedding, below, above and in-between.  Also, in 2021 to insure best practices, we moved to All-White bedding throughout (sheets, comforters, blankets, all white). We also swapped out all bed frames for stationary air-tight platforms to maintain the highest level of cleanliness.

COMPUTER WORKSTATION:   Work/School From Home?

Treehouse Vacation Rentals are equipped with ultra high-speed connections with multiple Mesh Routers within 20ft of every room, one located on each level of the Treehouse.  We also provide a plug-in workstation.   Plug in your Laptop with a simple connection provides our Plug-n-Play 17″ monitor, keyboard & mouse, for those needing the space and work environment when duty calls.  To plug in, your laptop will simply need (1 USB port) and (1 HDMI port), or a  USB-C video adapter can also work.  Our workstation is permanently set up in the main room library.

As plans or circumstances can change, it is highly recommended that you opt in for the Vacation/Travel insurance which is offered during your booking process on our website. Insurance can safeguard your trip by adding protection for delays, interruptions, and cancellations.  Insurance carriers vary in their offerings, and depending on the makeup of your group and the dynamics of your overall vacation plans, we find it best to recommend speaking with a unbiased insurance broker that can direct you to the best policy for your needs.  InsureMyTrip is a brokerage that we have worked with for many years.  They are one of the oldest and largest travel insurance brokers and we feel confident in directing you to them.   You’ll find them online at  Don’t hesitate to call them directly as they are very responsive and helpful by phone.  We cannot quote prices or coverage, but costs typically range from 4% to 12% of your entire vacation costs.  We also suggest to get the “Cancel for any reason” (CFAR) policy which should cover most disruptions including “act of god” scenarios, or as it’s called, for ANY reason, and even up to the day before arrival.  Be sure to secure your insurance within 14-21 days of your first payment for your rental in order to qualify for a CFAR policy.  In addition to your insurance policy, Treehouse Vacation Rentals provide the following terms:  (Refer to your actual contract for latest updates to the following terms.

If Cancelled within 24 hours of signing, a full 100% refund will be issued. After which, if cancellation is more than 90 days from check-in, Guest will receive a full refund less 4% of your rental contract, if 60-90 days from check-in, a full refund less 10% of rental contract, if cancelled within 60 days of check-in, your dates are placed back on the rental market, and Guest will be refunded all but 20% of the re-rental proceeds received, less any unpaid balance.


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